Why do high-end cosmetics up

2016/11/4 9:03:00

In recent years, part of the big cosmetics price adjustment frequently, almost every year prices, and some brand year is not only up a price, price range is generally 5% - 30% range, manufacturers give the price adjustment reasons, mostly by raw materials and manpower Costs and other rising, increased R & D investment and other effects. In addition to direct price adjustment, as well as the brand through the replacement of new formulations, new packaging to "indirect price."

Analysis of the industry, the current entry into the domestic market, more and more high-end make-up brand, many brands to seize market share, increase advertising investment, product marketing, promotion costs, may also promote the frequent price increases cosmetics one of the reasons .

High-end cosmetics consumer groups for the price sensitivity is relatively strong, a lot of customers accustomed to a brand, easily not for other brands, manufacturers a price increase of hundreds of dollars, will not affect the overall product sales, to buy people or Will buy, which also makes manufacturers every year to raise prices have nothing to fear.